September 2, 2021

Just unstructured thoughts

Our tools change us through their use. Our media changes us through their use. (McLuhan – who else?)

Internet technology separates activities from locations (Agre) – no longer enter the institution's physical facility.

There is no true immortality. The Earth will die eventually and so will the entire universe...eventually.

Corporate culture and commercial mentality has invaded all areas of culture and life. Families have mission statements. Hobbies become hustles. Economic value has overpowered all other human values.

Is there a good analogy between monoculture in farming (and its various benefits and weaknesses) and monoculture in human culture?

Pesticide-resistant pests. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Herbicide-resistant weeds. What are the parallels in humans?

Medieval conception of time, mechanized time (Mumford), being's fundamental temporality...