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New is Terrifying

I began swimming over the summer. Not because that's what you do – swim in summertime – but because I had injured myself running and wanted to exercise while not making it any worse. The

Just unstructured thoughts

Our tools change us through their use. Our media changes us through their use. (McLuhan – who else?) Internet technology separates activities from locations (Agre) – no longer enter the institution's physical facility. There is


I closed a business today. A business that only ever made $150. Why didn't it work? No sales. The business was a solution in search of a problem; offering something I am good

On Weeds

You never finish weeding. Weeds are growing, always growing. While you have coffee, the weeds are growing. While you take a shower, the weeds are growing. While you contemplate the mystery of mortality,

Pest Control

A door-to-door salesman knocked on our door. I didn't know that before I got up to open it, of course, and was in the middle of a chess game online with limited time